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@CSD7bx School Directory

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This document contains school contact information, inclusive of Principals, Assistant Principals and Parent Coordinators.

CSD7.School Directory.2019 (doc)


@CSD7bx District Team

Community Superintendent, Rafael Alvarez


I have enjoyed over 18 years as a principal leadership facilitator, principal, assistant principal, elementary teacher, AIS teacher, lead teacher, UFT chapter leader, and both literacy and math coach. 

I am eager and prepared to contribute my knowledge with New York City Public Schools, to foster leadership through the building of capacity to maximize student outcomes within the district. 

With experience in program initiatives, optimizing the learning atmosphere, staff development, and promoting a safe environment, I have a proven record for exceeding goals through effective internal and external communication. I have a firm commitment to student centered learning, while engaging all stakeholders including parents, community-based organizations, local politicians, staff, students and the field support center.

My uncompromising philosophy is that all students can learn, given a positive learning atmosphere that welcomes exploration and enhances student confidence. It is my belief that a district educational mission is to create an environment where life-long learning is part of the culture, learning is enjoyable and exciting while ensuring there is academic rigor. I also believe if school leaders are wholeheartedly vested in their students those same students will be inspired, engaged, empowered and committed to learning.


Rafael Alvarez, Superintendent

Community School District 7

Deputy Community Superintendent, Dr. Nyree Dawn Dixon


As the Deputy Community Superintendent, Nyree’s role includes, but not limited to:

• Fulfilling the role of the superintendent’s primary designee; may act as the superintendent’s designee for 

supervisory visits

• Supporting the superintendent in improving the performance of district principals with respect to educational effectiveness and school performance

• Conducting site visits and works with principals and

instructional staff to address areas of improvement or focus as identified by the superintendents or PLFs


Ms. Nyree Dawn Dixon has worked as a professional educator within the New York City public school system for more than twenty years. 

She recently served as a Principal for 12 years and an administrator for 15 years in grades ranging from Prek-8. She has taught High School in Beijing, China and elementary school in Brooklyn, NY. Ms. Dixon’s leadership and school improvement are documented in A. Wade Boykin and Dr. Pedro Noguera’s book, "Creating the Opportunity to Learn: Moving from Research to Practice to Close the Achievement Gap."

Ms. Dixon was profiled in WNYC Schoolbook, Chalkbeat, New York Daily News, and several other publications. She received many awards and citations given by the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, the New York City Council, Affinity   Healthcare, community, cultural, educational, religious and parental organizations. Currently, Ms. Dixon is completing doctoral studies in educational leadership at the University of Pennsylvania.

Director of Early Childhood, Carlyn Rahynes


As the Director of Early Childhood, Carlyn’s role includes, but not limited to:

• Supports and manages the district-wide implementation of Pre-K programs in district schools; provides direct oversight of district Pre-K centers, where applicable

• Coordinates closely with the Division of Early Childhood to ensure accountability and a continuum of supports


Carlyn’s journey with the Department of Education began over 20 years ago. 

As the Director of Early Childhood

Education, Carlyn’s mission for all district early childhood classrooms is: to provide planned, purposeful, engaging

experiences that provide the foundation for positive social emotional development and academic learning for all children. 

Carlyn enjoys and has a passion for early childhood education; she believes we are the advocates for our youngest voices and a solid foundation is crucial for a successful school career.

Director of School Improvement (DSI), Maiysha Etienne


As the DSI, Maiysha’s role includes, but not limited to:

• Assists with the coordination and implementation of the 

School Renewal Initiative

• Provides needs-aligned instructional and operational supports to a number of underperforming schools, including professional development, intensive

interventions, summer programming and extended learning opportunities, to ensure accelerated academic achievement for the schools served

• Supports school redesign evaluation procedures and processes to facilitate school improvement that results in a significant positive impact on student achievement


As a member of the District 7 Team, Maiysha’s goal is to support all school leaders to continually cultivate and sustain joyful learning environments that promote high levels of complex thinking and achievement for ALL students. She has over 13 years of experience in the DOE and has served as an elementary school teacher, middle school teacher, Principal, TDEC, and now Director of School Improvement. Prior to becoming an educator she practiced law for five years. 

Her areas of expertise include the Danielson Framework for Teaching, Data-Wise Improvement Process, designing high impact PL sessions, CEP development, progress monitoring, teacher teams, and collective bargaining agreements. Maiysha is a team player and looks forward in helping any school within the district at any capacity.

Director of School Improvement (DSI), Nicky Kram Rosen


As the DSI, Nicky’s role includes, but not limited to: 

  • Engaging our Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) and Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) schools in cycles of Continuous School Improvement  
  • Empowering school building leaders to self-assess and identify their high-leverage instructional and operational needs in order to strategically coordinate collaborative school support inclusive of professional development, tiered interventions, after-school & summer programming and grant-funded opportunities that accelerate students’ learning and improve teacher practice 
  • Elevating schools’ practice around progress monitoring, distributive leadership, capacity building and sustainability 


Nicky is driven and deeply committed to improving the ability of NYC public school students to think and communicate so that each might become a good citizen, earn a decent living and lead a good life; helping young people make bold and valuable decisions with their lives while acting as a force for positive social change, and ensure students read well, write clearly, study effectively, reason soundly and question thoughtfully. 

She is fueled by the values instilled in her by her family, her education and the equal importance given to human development and social justice. She is a proud, committed public servant and a strong believer in the power of education, especially a high-quality public one; each day she asks, “How are we working together to make this happen for the children and the families we serve?” 

Nicky has over 23 years of experience, and worn many hats, in the NYCDOE -- classroom teacher, UFT delegate, district staff developer, mentor, grant director, Gifted & Talented/Enrichment Instructional Specialist, elementary school principal – and public-school parent. 


Her areas of expertise include the curriculum design and development, systems-thinking, delivering PD, CEP goal setting and action plan alignment, progress monitoring, the School-wide Enrichment Model (SEM), programming and project-management. Nicky is the consummate teammate and a valued thought-partner; she is excited to work with all across Community School District 7. 

Teacher Development & Evaluation Coach (TDEC), Dionne Belderes


As the TDEC, Dionne’s  role includes, but not limited to:

• Ensures that school leaders have the information and support they need to meet the expectations of the Framework for Great Schools through effective implementation of Advance and Common Core Learning Standards

• Supports instructional leaders in using Advance to assess teacher practice, utilize measures of student learning to assess teacher effectiveness, and deliver high-quality developmental feedback to improve teacher effectiveness 

and student learning

• Informs central efforts to develop and refine systems, research tools and program policies that support school leaders in providing meaningful evaluations and targeted professional development to teachers


Instructional Support Liaison (ISL), Dana Queen


As the ISL, Dana's role includes, but not limited to:

• Supports the work of aligning supports to school needs by ensuring comprehensive assessment of schools based on a variety of data sources, and coordinating the alignment of supports from the ISL to schools

• Supports schools with any concerns regarding ISL services and provides guidance on streamlining supports

• Acts as an intermediary between the superintendent’s office and ISL


As the Instructional Support Liaison, Ms. Queen brings over 20 years of diverse experience in education. She started her career in education as an elementary school teacher after leaving a career in business, and over time has served as a mentor, Literacy coach, Response to Intervention Coordinator and Assistant Principal. ​

Dana's areas of expertise include; Response to Intervention, Implementation of the Reading and Writing Workshop Model and Teacher support and development.​

Family Leadership Coordinator (FLC), Timothy Coleman


As the FLC, Timothy’s role includes, but not limited to:

• Supports work related to parent leadership and community engagement

• Provides guidance for developing family involvement and leadership at the school and district levels

• Collaborates with Parent Associations/Parent-Teacher Associations (PA/PTAs) within each of the school communities and the district’s District Leadership Team (DLT),

School Leadership Teams (SLT), District Presidents’ Council, Title I Committees, and Community Education Council (CEC)


Timothy 'TDC' Coleman is Broadway performer and former Executive Director of a large non-profit agency. In his current role as the Family Leadership Coordinator, Timothy develops and implements 2 workshops per week hosted at the District office in the new Parent Empowerment Center, he works closely with Parent Coordinators providing ongoing support and professional development and supports the District's PA/PTA teams. In partnership with NY State he has lead citywide trainings on Title 1 and School Leadership Teams. 

During his 18-year career working in non-profit, Timothy was directly responsible for raising over $10M to support high quality STEM-focused after-school and summer programs that he created for students who live in under-resourced neighborhoods.

Family Support Coordinator (FSC), Melodie Duran


As the FSC, Melodie’s role includes, but not limited to:


• Serves as the point of contact for family concerns; may be contacted directly by families for resolution and escalation of any concerns

• Supports the development and implementation of DOE policies and strategies to strengthen family empowerment at all levels of the DOE, and provide a single point of entry for families to resolve concerns
• Provides family outreach and community engagement support, and communicates DOE initiatives, programs, policies, and regulations to families.



Melodie Duran is a professional dancer who studied at The Bronx Dance Theater then moved on to The School of American Ballet where she performed on the Lincoln Center stage in ‘The Nutcracker’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, among others. She competed in the National Dance Educators of America Competition at The Waldorf Astoria and was the 1st place Ballet Solo Winner.

A 19-year veteran of the DOE, she has spent the past 3 years as the Family Support Coordinator working with South Bronx families to help link them with much-needed services, as well as presiding over mediation meetings to increase the partnership between schools and families. She has 2 sons, Richard and Jader, and looks forward to her continued work with the District 7 Team and Family.

Administrative Assistant (AA), Rose Russell


As the AA, Rose’s role includes, but not limited to:

• Work with the Superintendent and Family Leadership Coordinator to address community and parent concerns.

• Communicate with schools, parents/guardians, other DOE offices, City agencies, community organizations, and community representatives regarding Superintendent initiatives   and events.

• Schedule and organize meetings with various school, parent and community constituencies


Rose Russell is a Baruch College graduate with a BBA degree in Human Resource Management. As an administrative assistant with the global consulting firm of Willis Towers Watson, she assisted with high-profile meetings and executed a myriad of deliverables for the firm's marketing team. 

Rose looks forward to applying her corporate experience with the DOE. Rose is a firm believer in the power of literacy and how an education is a key to success in life; her everyday mantra is: “You are capable”.

@CSD7bx School Snapshot Documents

Looking for a quick snapshot on the data from a specific school? Click the link next to the school name and a 'PDF' will begin to download.

PS 1x Snapshot (pdf)


PS/MS 5x Snapshot (pdf)


PS 25x Snapshot (pdf)


PS/MS 29x Snapshot (pdf)


PS 30x Snapshot (pdf)


PS/MS 31x Snapshot (pdf)


PS 43x Snapshot (pdf)


PS 65x Snapshot (pdf)


IS 151x Snapshot (pdf)


PS 154x Snapshot (pdf)


PS 157x Snapshot (pdf)


PS 161x Snapshot (pdf)


PS 179x Snapshot (pdf)


MS/HS 223x Snapshot (pdf)


MS 224x Snapshot (pdf)


PS 277x Snapshot (pdf)


MS 296x Snapshot (pdf)


PS 369x Snapshot (pdf)


IS 584x Snapshot (pdf)


@CSD7bx 3K - 8th grade Schools

PS 1, The Courtlandt School, (3k-5th Grade)


 " We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle. 

Visit PS 1

PS/MS 5, The Port Morris School (3k-8th Grade)


Aspire Learn Excel

Visit PS/MS 5

PS 18, John Peter Zenger (PreK- 5th Grade)


Where college and career readiness begins

Visit PS 18

PS 25, The Bilingual School (3k-5th Grade)


Believe and Achieve

Visit PS 25

PS/MS 29, The Melrose School (3k-8th Grade)


The Melrose school is a safe and challenging academic setting that welcomes all learners. We are a community with high expectations that supports success for everyone.

Visit Ps/MS 29

PS 30, Wilton (3K-5th Grade)


Teach, Reach, Inspire!

Visit PS 30

PS/MS 31, The William Lloyd Garrison School (PreK-8th Grade)


(insert mission/vision here)

Visit PS/MS 31

PS 43, The Jonas Bronck School (3k-5th Grade)


Where Students are Soaring to Excellence!

Visit PS 43

PS 49, The Willis Avenue School (3k-5th Grade)


Educating the whole by developing each part.

Visit PS 49

PS 65, Mother Hale Academy (Prek-5th Grade)


One student at a time

Visit PS 65

MS 151, Lou Gehrig School (6th-8th Grade)


WeR151! Watch us rise!

Visit MS 151

PS 154, Jonathan D. Hyatt School (PreK-5th Grade)


P.S. 154 is a community of Collaborative, Appreciative, Responsible, Empathetic, and Steadfast learners.

Visit PS 154

PS 157, Grove Hill School (PreK-5th Grade)


Where everyday is Extraordinary

Visit PS 157

PS 161, Juan Ponce De Leon School (3k-5th Grade)


Where Learning Is Rooted In Community

Visit PS 161

PS 179 (PreK-5th Grade)


Where we celebrate Learning

Willis the Dolphin
W- Wise
I- Intelligent
L- Learner
I- Independent
S- Scholar

Visit PS 179

MS/HS 223, The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology (6th-12th Grade)


Catering to our student's needs through instructional strategies, data analysis and cultural awareness. 

Visit MS/HS 223

MS 224 (6th-8th Grade)


Providing students with the building blocks for success

Visit Ms 224

PS 277 (3k-5th Grade)


Visit PS 277

MS 296, South Bronx Academy for Applied Media (6th-8th Grade)


Empowering Scholars by Enriching their Minds and Illuminating their Voices!

Visit MS 296

MS 298, Academy of Public Relations (6th-8th Grade)


Expanding the Mind, 

Empowering the Voice

Visit MS 298

MS 343, Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology (6th-8th Grade)



MS 343 is a small school committed to providing a meaningful learning experience for students and families, focusing on technology, to prepare students for the 21stCentury.

Visit MS 343

X354/X356, Learning Through Play, Universal 3k/PreK Center


We provide planned, purposeful, and engaging experiences that provide the foundation for positive social-emotional development and academic learning for every student.

Visit Learning Through Play

PS 359, Concourse Village Elementary School (3k-5th Grade)


It takes a village to educate a child

Visit PS 359

PS 369, Young Leaders Elementary School (3k-5th Grade)


Teamwork makes the dream work

Visit PS 369

IS 584 (6th-8th Grade)


IS 584, Where Scholars Come First!

Visit IS 584

@CSD7bx's Learning Technology Grant (LTG) Opportunity

Full Stream Ahead Proposal Narrative

Full Stream Ahead (FSA) is an innovative Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math (STREAM) based initiative that will impact over 28 mathematics, literacy, science, social studies, and arts teachers, as well as more than 1250 elementary and middle school students over a 3-year period. 

FSA will focus on three phases of planning, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of a STREAM-based curriculum in three NYC Community School District 7 schools – PS 359, PS 369 and IS 584 – and three non-public schools – Immaculate Conception, St Raymond’s High School for Boys, and Cardinal Hayes High School. District leadership, school administrators, classroom teachers, English Language Learner (ELL) and bilingual support specialists, as well as library media, visual arts and technology specialists will develop a pathway from elementary to middle school to support the effective use of a blended learning model to improve students’ academic achievement and promote digital literacy. 

FSA will support the development of a comprehensive plan for STREAM-based learning with a published curriculum map of units of study that spans from elementary through high school. The goals of FSA are to create a comprehensive evidence based strategic plan for STREAM-based teaching and learning, build capacity for digital leadership, to address the academic needs of students and to publish materials and artifacts for dissemination of a STREAM-based curriculum to a broader community.

FSA will use a team-based approach to exploration and learning where students participate as designers, engineers, documenters, and strategists creating STREAM-based projects, aligned with NYS Math, Science, and ELA curriculum standards. Online tools such as Google Classroom, Nearpod AR/VR/MR, and Zulama, will provide an interactive curriculum platform, scaffolding student learning from grade to grade. For example, in elementary school, students will apply the fundamentals of game design to create board games from nonfiction texts, leading to the development of video games, at the middle and high school levels. While exploring the transition from playing games to designing games, students will engage in and exercise all the 4Cs – critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity – promoting an environment of 21st century learning across all content areas.

FSA will include professional development and mentoring of teachers, aimed at rethinking when, where, and how students complete different components of a learning experience. Learning spaces will become laboratories for hands-on, STREAM-based project development, integrating mobile devices, digital media, cloud-based collaborative spaces, game design principles, 3D printing, and AR/VR/MR experiences. 

The Digital Age Learning (DAL) team will partner with district and school staff to build a cadre of 16 teachers during phases 1 and 2. In phase 3, 12 additional teachers and specialists will join the cadre, setting the table for increased capacity and scaling the program beyond the grant period. Professional development will be provided both face-to-face and online, and will be followed by in classroom support and modeling. To promote dissemination, DAL will also provide training and support for publishing program artifacts – program documents, materials, curriculum maps, and exemplary student work – on a District 7 Google Site that meets Creative Commons License standards and is handicap accessible. FSA will also include a comprehensive evaluation, designed by Metis Associates, to guide in the development and implementation of evidence-based tools to monitor program strengths and weaknesses during phases 2 and 3, thus maximizing opportunities for program modification.